-->Andover/Exeter: 2016 Weekend

Andover / Exeter: 2016 Weekend

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Girls Soccer

By Mihir Gupta

After winning eight out of its past 11 games, Andover Girls Soccer enters its competition against rival Phillips Exeter Academy this weekend with offensive momentum and defensive prowess. While Andover holds a strong record of 11-6-1, Exeter’s stands at 4-8-5.

Despite the difference in records, Andover tied Exeter 2-2 last year, and the matchup between the two has been historically close.

Andover will not only look to take down its rivals, but also boost its chances of playing in the Nepsac post-season tournament.

Co-Captain Cassie Chin ’17 said, “Exeter is always an important game for us for a number of reasons. They are a Class A team, so how we do against them does play a role in making the tournament. A win against our rival also really impacts our energy and confidence. If we continue into the postseason play, having a win against a good team like Exeter will hype us up and give us good momentum.”

The team enters its final regular season game with depth on its roster, strong team chemistry, and a season full of preparation for this moment.

“We have a lot of experience on the field. At any given moment we have nine to ten Seniors on the field, they all know how to play with each other. They all know what Andover soccer is supposed to look like, and they help the team as a whole,” said Head Coach Lisa Joel.

Andover enters its match against Exeter at 12:30 p.m. on Saturday in hopes of securing a victory over its long-time rivals and a spot in the Nepsac tournament.

Editor’s Note: Cassie Chin is a Sports Editor for The Phillipian.

Boys Soccer

By Nacho Hidalgo

Fresh off of a 2-0 win against New Hampton, Andover Boys Soccer will enter its annual matchup with Phillips Exeter Academy holding a 10-4-2 record. The two teams are slated to produce a thrilling contest, despite Exeter’s record of 5-8-3.

Last year, Andover came out victorious with a narrow 3-2 win over Exeter. The two teams guarantee a closely matched game year after year.

This season, Andover has earned four wins and a draw against the five teams that Exeter has beaten. To add to this, Andover has won three games against the five teams that beat Exeter.

Co-Captain Peter Heckendorn ’17 said, “I know statistically we are supposed to be much better than Exeter, but in a game like [Andover/Exeter], records kind of go out the window. We can’t rely on past results, we have to treat Saturday as its own contest. That said, I’m confident that the work we have done all season will show on the field this weekend.’’

With an entire season of preparation and work leading up to this game, Andover looks to claim a win at home on Saturday to improve its chances of earning a spot in the playoffs.

Co-Captain Henry Meyerrose ’17 said, “Andover/Exeter is a big game regardless of previous wins and losses. It is always a battle, and this will likely be Exeter’s last game so they’re going to leave it all on the pitch.”

Girls Volleyball

By Andy Kim

Following a disheartening 3-0 loss against Phillips Exeter Academy earlier this season, Andover Girls Volleyball looks for revenge this Saturday. Both teams have posted strong records this season, with Andover standing at 9-5 and Exeter at 7-4.

Although Andover beat Exeter 3-2 in its midseason matchup last season, Exeter ultimately defeated Andover 3-1 during the Andover/Exeter game and later knocked Andover out of playoffs in postseason play. Despite last year’s losses to Exeter, Andover hopes to come out strong against Exeter in its final game of regular season play.

“The team is getting psyched about our game tomorrow and we are ready to win this year!”
Janneke Evans ’18

In an email to The Phillipian, Head Coach Clyfe Beckwith said, “I take it year-by-year, day-by-day, match-by-match. Andover and Exeter rarely are not compatible and either team has the chance to beat the other at any time.”

Andover’s determination and passion have driven it to a three-game win streak leading up to the matchup with its rival. Beckwith said, “What we need to do this coming Saturday is play our own match. If we play like we have practiced lately we should at minimum be competitive.”

T.Rynne/The PhillipianHead Coach Clyfe Beckwith talks with the team during their game against St. Paul's.

Serena Liu ’19 said, “I am very excited to keep this long lasting Andover/Exeter rivalry by representing Andover on the volleyball court. Volleyball is such a great way show off Andover’s talent and big blue spirit and playing on the court with the team is one of the many ways we can do so.”


By Nicole Cho

Although Andover Football holds the historical edge over Phillips Exeter Academy with a record of 72-54-10, the rivalry this year will once again be competitive and closely matched.

Andover has fared better than its rival this season, posting a record of 2-5 compared to Exeter’s 0-7-1. However, anything can happen on one of the biggest stages in prep school sports, and both teams will look to employ shrewd offensive and defensive strategies in order to secure the victory.

Andover’s offense relies greatly on passing and making big plays. However, Andover’s defense will be looking out for Exeter’s quarterback, Jake Smith PEA ’17, who has been a huge asset to the team, especially due to his tendency to scramble.

“Exeter has some explosive players. We will have to contain them, while efficiently running our offense.”
Head Coach Leon Modeste

Head Coach Leon Modeste said, “Our guys are working hard and diligently preparing. Exeter has some explosive players. We will have to contain them, while efficiently running our offense.”

Despite the uncertainty leading up to the game, Andover remains confident in its skills and its home field advantage.

Co-Captain Keegan Cummings ’17 said, “This week in practice we have had a newfound intensity and focus that has been absent recently.”

Coming off of a two-game winning streak, Andover is eager to compete against Exeter.

“We are ready for anything that they throw at us,” continued Cummings.

Andover will conclude the Andover/Exeter competitions at 1:30 p.m this Saturday at Phelps Stadium.

Girls Field Hockey

By Natasha Singareddy

After sealing off regular season play last year with a crucial 1-0 win against rival Phillips Exeter Academy, Andover Field Hockey hopes to repeat last season’s success this Saturday. Andover holds a record of 12-3, compared to Exeter’s record of 6-10-1.

Andover has won the past two Andover/Exeter games, and is looking to earn a third consecutive victory. Andover hopes to stay passionate and engaged as a team, maintain high energy, and play with a purpose.

Head Coach Kate Dolan said, “The Andover/Exeter game is always tough, very competitive, spirited, and intense, and year in, year out the score is always extremely close. It really comes down to whichever team is aggressive, confident, poised, supportive, and focused.”

A.Macaya/The PhillipianElizabeth Holubiak ’18 is a three-year member of the team.

Captain Beth Krikorian ’17 said, “We are looking to stay focused this week up until the game and come out strong for the entire 60 minutes. We are so excited for the game and, of course, the pep rally. The game last year was exciting as always. Records don’t matter in this game because both teams always come out strong.”

Overall, Andover wants to play a team-oriented game and most importantly, support each other throughout the game. Dolan said, “We want to play with purpose, passion and focus; we want to give our very best and do so together. It should be a fun experience and we want everyone to enjoy it while also giving their very best for their teammates, for their school.”